Great reasons to keep your Habitat Altea Dining Room Chairs. This design by Habitat originally sold with a choice of removable slip covers, these chairs were designed to last! Sir Terence Conran’s design philosophy….. Take the plain, simple and useful approach.

To design something fashionable does not mean it should be gimmicked up. Affordability and simplicity are key values. My favourite designer, Sir Terence is the reason I’ve kept most of the old Habitat catalogues. Just like classic songs bring back memories of the different times in your life, these catalogues do that too.

From wallpapers and bedding in my children’s bedrooms to the furniture I’ve had in the past or always dreamed of owning. I have taken some pics of the Altea chair from the catalogue which I’m sure you will enjoy and remind you why you purchased the chairs in the first place.

The Habitat Altea chair is a design classic that just doesn’t date. It makes me feel very privileged to have designed a slip cover to fit this chair. As the chair design is a simple shape it fits in with almost any décor. The fabric plays the most important part in the style and character of the chair.

Fabric has many roles to play, it brings the texture, colour, character, style, reflects one's taste and controls the mood. Coloured or patterned fabric injects life. Fabric turns neutral spaces into personal and very special places. Fabrics add softness, comfort and reduces noise. Moreover, it is the most flexible and can be easily changed, replaced or added too.